6th place Fabulous20 2019

6th place Capitalmind Fabulous20 2019

We are proud to announce that the DTI Group took the 6th place in the Capitalmind Fabulous20 2019. What does this mean? The Fabulous20 is a top 20 ranking, published in the magazine FoodPersonality, with the most successful food-producing companies with their headquarters in The Netherlands. The ranking is based on revenue growth results from 2014 – 2017. The DTI Group is a newcomer on the list with a 6th place.

Dutch butter as a connecting factor
The DTI Group is a Dutch family owned company with two locations in Zelhem and Wijk en Aalburg. Our companies, Royal VIVBuisman and Van der Pol are active in the dairy and bakery sector. Bart Van Belleghem has been the CEO of the DTI Group since 2014. “The DTI Group supplies the food industry, foodservice and retail. Our focus is always on taste and quality. The connecting factor between our products is Dutch butter”. Royal VIVBuisman, founded in 1868, is a specialist in the realm of milk fat products like butter and ghee. A wide range of products is produced in our factory in Zelhem. In Wijk en Aalburg we produce foodservice and consumer products like 3D Butter figurines, which are available in supermarkets throughout Europe, especially around Christmas and Easter. We are not only successful in Europe, e.g. we are market leader in Indonesia with our canned butter brand Wijsman.

Van der Pol, founded in 1885, is a leading fresh frozen dough producer. Van Belleghem: “Our Cookie Dough Chunks are mainly purchased by ice cream producers and our puff pastry and croissant dough mainly by artisanal and semi – industrial bakers. In the Netherlands Van der Pol is market leader and we sell our products all over the world. For example, our cookie dough is processed in different types of cookie dough ice cream which you can find in supermarkets throughout Europe. The puff pastry and croissant dough is exported to Japan. Behind the success of our organization is a team of enthusiastic and skilled employees. We share the passion for our work and the focus on our mission: “Together it works!”