زبدة Wijsman

زبدة Wijsman

Our brand Wijsman is leading supplier of canned butter. Established in 1846 and with this our oldest brand within our company. The famous red, gold and green butter cans of the Wijsman brand are exported to countries with a tropical climate all over the world. Butter in cans is a specialty product and asks for careful treatment during the production stages, onward transportation and storing outside the refrigerator. Our canned butter is available in various sizes, qualities and brands. For problem-free use in tropical countries. We export a special quality Dutch butter under its own name. In many countries, from time immemorial, the Wijsman ‘sweetcream’ salted butter has been one of the most respected dairy products from the Netherlands. We also offer ten kilogram tins of pure Dutch butteroil with a milk fat percentage of 99.8%.
Weight per tin Tins per carton Weight per carton Cartons per pallet
200 gram 60 12 KG 120
454 gram 24 10,9 KG 56
1000 gram 12 12 KG 56
2270 gram 6 13,6 KG 49


Wijsman is supplier of canned butter since 1846, and therewith the oldest company of our Group. In 1900 the first butter was already exported to Indonesia, in wooden barrels, because cans and tins weren’t available at that time. Also the controlled temperature transport wasn’t comparable with the transport facilities we are able to use nowadays. The barrels were chilled in a big space with lots of big ice cubs. Lots of developments took place meanwhile and after 1945 the butter was canned. The family business was located in Amsterdam for over a decade and moved to Wijk en Aalburg in 1973, where it now still holds her office. Wijsman canned butter is a product to be proud of, with a long history. The popularity has been growing ever since and Wijsman always garantees great quality and service for her products.


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