DTI Group has become Van Ballegooijen Foods

Dairy Trading International (DTI), the group to which Van der Pol (VDP) and Royal VIVBuisman (RVB) belong, will, as of January 1, 2021, continue under the name: Van Ballegooijen Foods (VBF)

Van Ballegooijen Foods has been processing cream into high-quality milk fat and dough products for more than 100 years and has its origins in the dairy trade. The production companies Van der Pol and Royal VIVBuisman are located in Wijk en Aalburg and Zelhem. More than 130 employees dedicate themselves every day to giving local and foreign customers the best of what the Netherlands has to offer in these food categories. Van Ballegooijen Foods can reflect with pride on a rich past with companies that were already active in the nineteenth century.

Why a new name?
The previous name, Dairy Trading International or DTI Group, no longer fits the bill. For some time now, we have been active not only in the dairy sector, but have also been supplying dough-based products. We have shifted from a role as a trader to one of food producer. It is only the international aspects which have stayed the same over the past fifty years. Royal VIVBuisman and Van der Pol still export high-quality products to more than fifty destinations all over the world. The new group name, Van Ballegooijen Foods, is intended to highlight the family nature of our organization, and to clearly define us as a food group.

What else will change?
A new name for the group also means new logo. Not only for Van Ballegooijen Foods, but also for the product pillars Royal VIVBuisman (butter and milk fat products) and Van der Pol (dough-based products). These new logos radiate connectedness. This cohesion in style reflects our evolution over the past decade from a group of independent companies into an integrated whole.
The new logos will better reflect who Van Ballegooijen Foods is as a food group, and which values they consider important. Top-quality, trust, solid, tradition, gracious and enterprising, but also the designation Royal for Royal VIVBuisman and Van der Pol’s status of purveyor to the Court have served as a strong guideline in developing the new logos. However, the most important inspiration was found in the contours of a block of butter, the common thread in all of Van Ballegooijen Foods’s products.

Check our new logos in the animation below