3D butter

3D butter

In the Netherlands, our butter figurines are probably our best-known luxury products. Around Christmas and Easter, these figurines form centerpieces on the dining table and contribute to a cheerful, cosy atmosphere and that sense of luxury during meals with family and friends. Our 3D butter is available in various shapes and flavours and a unique shape can be realised, in cooperation with the client, to suit every market and every event. We can even customise figurines to suit your requirements

Benefits of butter
• 100% natural product
• Excellent taste
• Source of vitamins A, D and E

Product varieties
• Unsalted butter
• Salted butter
• Herb butter

Products Easter
• Easter Bunny
• Easter Chicken
• Easter Lamb
• Easter Chick

Products Christmas
• Father Christmas
• Christmas tree
• Snowman
• Santa on sleigh
• Christmas bell
• Rudolph

Products extra
• Halloween pumpkin
• Your own design…

Leaflet 3D Butter