Butter blends

Butter blends

By developing butter blends, Royal VIVBuisman is able to offer you a cost-effective alternative to butter. Milk fat can be blended in many different ratios with vegetable oil, while maintaining the composition of butter. Also, almost each type of vegetable oil can be added to the butter blend. This makes each butter blend unique in its kind.

Our pâtisse bake is an example of a successful butter blend with a moderately firm, plastic texture. It has a melting point of 35-38°C.

• Tailor-made product characteristics (e.g. spreadability, firmness, fatty acid composition)
• Various ratios of vegetable oil and milk fat are possible
• Cost-effective compared to butter
• Large choice in type of vegetable oil

Packaging information
• Food grade cartons of 10 kg up to 25 kg with polyethylene inner bag
• Blocks1 of 10 kg in HDPE foil (cartonless) in a carton pallet box (800 kg net). Also available precut in 4 bars of 2,5 kg.
• Blocks1 of 10 kg in HDPE foil with carton on a pallet. Also available precut in 4 bars of 2,5 kg.
• Food grade cartons of 4 bars of 2.5 kg in HDPE foil.

Leaflet Butter Blend