Concentrated butter

Concentrated butter

Traditionally milk fat is supplied to the food industry as butter. Royal VIVBuisman can also supply it in the form of concentrated butter.

Compared to traditional butter, concentrated butter has the advantage of a prolonged shelf life. Concentrated butter consists of at least 99.8% milk fat and has a highly plastic texture. Its melting profile, melting point and firmness are constant throughout the year. Royal VIVBuisman offers several types of concentrated butter; each of them has unique melting characteristics and firmness. We can even tailor its taste and colour to your specific needs.”

Product portfolio
1. Butter crème
• Melting point: 28°C
• Texture: moderately firm

2. Butter cake
• Melting point: 33°C
• Texture: firm

3. Butter croissant
• Melting point: 36°C
• Texture: very firm

Product characteristics
• Milk fat min. 99.8%
• Moisture max. 0.2%

• Constant year-round firmness and melting characteristics
• High plasticity
• Excellent buttery taste
• Extended microbiological shelf life compared to butter
• Tempering or storage at higher temperature is possible without risk of spoiling
• Great source of vitamins A, D, E and K

Packaging information
• Blocks of 10 kg in HDPE foil (cartonless) in a carton pallet box (800 kg net). Also available precut in 4 bars of 2,5 kg.
• Blocks of 10 kg in HDPE foil with carton on a pallet. Also available precut in 4 bars of 2,5 kg.
• Food grade cartons of 10 and 25 kg with polyethylene inner bag

Leaflet Concentrated Butter