Royal VIVBuisman butter

Royal VIVBuisman butter

Holland is the dairy country par excellence. Subsequently our nation is known to be one of the world’s largest dairy exporters. The production of milk, butter and cheese has been a Dutch tradition for centuries. As goes for Royal VIVBuisman, our butter manufacturing experience dates back to 1868.

Royal VIVBuisman produces traditional churned butter under the brand name “Royal Buisman” from fresh cream. We can offer you several types of butter that vary in firmness. The taste and colour of all available butter types can be tailored to your specific needs. Our churned butter in 25 kg cartons is ideal for largescale preparation of end products in the bakery industry. It is also very suitable for repackaging into consumer packets

Product characteristics
• Milk Fat min. 82.0%
• Moisture max. 16.0%
• Texture from moderately firm to highly firm (see below “product portfolio”)

• Natural product
• Excellent taste
• Creamy mouth feel
• Extended shelf life compared to texturised butter
• Improved moisture distribution

Product portfolio
• Summer butter (moderately firm texture)
• Winter butter (firm texture)
• Hard winter butter (very firm texture)
• Extra hard winter butter (highly firm texture)

Product varieties
• Lactic / Sweet cream
• Salted / Unsalted
• With / Without colour

Packaging information
• Food grade cartons of 25 kg with polyethylene inner bag
• Consumer packets

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